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About Revive All Nations

Now is Your Time Miracle


"We are called not just to be sitters and waiters, but movers and shakers!"

Werner's Story

As the son of a pastor, Werner witnessed signs, wonders, and miracles from a very young age. It was evident to those around him that he had a unique calling of ministry on his life. Being “a fire-lighter, powerfully anointed and called for the masses” has been spoken over him and confirmed numerous times throughout his life.

After receiving his salvation, Werner served as a worship leader for many years. God slowly began placing a burning passion in his heart to preach the Gospel to the lost and broken. He began preaching the Gospel on the streets of South Africa, in his father’s church, and everywhere he went! After a while, he started receiving invitations to lead worship and preach all over Africa. In 2018, Werner launched The Living Well Movement and began traveling to the nations. The first Gospel Crusades were held in remote areas of Africa, and during these Gospel Campaigns, they witnessed numerous miracles, and many souls converted to Christianity.

Revive All Nations is not about receiving a “quick-fix,” but about cultivating a Kingdom lifestyle. That’s why Werner and his team implemented a “follow up” system, helping new believers transform into disciples of Jesus and active members of their local churches.

The expansion and establishment of the Kingdom of God on an individual, local and global scale through the manifest Presence of God: that is Revival.

Vision and Mission

Reach the Lost.

We are moved by the love of God to share the Gospel to the nations, led by the Holy Spirit to do the works of the Father.


Revive the Saved.

We desire to see nations and people change through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.


Build the Kingdom of God.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness!


Revive All Nations

Who we are & What we do

Revive the Saved

We revive believers by igniting their hearts with a fervent passion for Jesus!

Save the Lost

Our mission is to reach the lost with the redemptive and the saving grace of Jesus.

Invade, Occupy, Transform

With bold faith, we invade darkness, occupy territories with the light of Jesus Christ, and witness transformation on both individual and societal levels.

Ignite, Activate, Equip

With the fire of the Holy Ghost, we ignite, activate purpose-driven lives, and equip believers with the tools to impact the world for Jesus.

Purpose, Presence, Power

At the core of our ministry, we reveal purpose through an intimate relationship with God, unleashing the life-transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Love God & Love People

Our foundation is simple yet profound - we love God with all our hearts and extend that love to all people, sharing the boundless love of Jesus with a hurting world.

Meet The Family

Werner values church family, and he networks with many influential church groups, using it as a platform for new believers to become part of the local church. His heart is to take the Gospel outside the four walls of the church and be the revival the world so desperately needs. Werner Strydom and his wife, Shantel, with their two beautiful children, Mikhail and Tatum, reside in the Western Cape area of South Africa. They reach out with a burning passion to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations and to uplift the quality of life in dark places.

“We are firelighters and not fire fighters”

Werner StrydomFounder of RAN